Our Mission

Bladerunner @ The Charles’ essential philosophy it to provide an innovative service through a team of highly skilled and creative professional stylists, using an outstanding product range to make you look great.

Bladerunner @ The Charles is a multi-award winning salon with a diverse range of stylists coming together to achieve awesome results for each and every client. Our unique team environment, built on outstanding interpersonal skills, ongoing personal growth and technical excellence, enables us to give you absolutely unsurpassed levels of styling, advice and customer care. We believe in providing innovative, individual attention to each and every client.

We provide a holistic approach to hair / makeup / fashion to give you up to date, current styling trends from national and international fashion scenes.

We believe that the minute you enter our salon it will be an experience to remember. Our passion, drive and outstanding technical skills give us the ability to stay ahead of the current market trends.

Our success is driven by your satisfaction.

Our longevity is dependent on meeting your needs.

We exist for you.